10 Best Commercial Shaved Ice Machines 2022

Its summer and all you need is some form of ice for a little relief from the heat. You’d rather find a good solution at home than go outside in the heat. Commercial Shaved Ice Machines are here to your rescue! It is a confirmed delicacy with a low price to pay for. It is nothing but a small price to pay for a luxury at home. Commercial shaved ice machines can be a great buy if you host regular parties, get-togethers and other events. These machines can help make iced drinks to desserts to so much more.

The machines require no more ingredients than ice cubes. Along with that, these machines are very easy to use. You don’t need to be trained or skilled in operating this machine. You can start using it as soon as you have it! These machines are extremely productive and give amazing results with little efforts and monitoring. You can completely leave it to do its work while you continue doing other tasks. One does not necessarily have a business to own a shaved ice machine. This can be a great addition to your home or business.

But it might be troublesome to search and research and then analyze each product to reach a conclusion on which one to buy. So we bring to you a detailed product review of the Best Commercial Shaved Ice Machines. This along with the Buying Guide will lead you to the product you are looking for!

Best Commercial Shaved Ice Machines 2022

The variety of Commercial Shaved Ice Machines available might make it difficult for the buyer to make a quick and a good decision simultaneously. Time is a precious commodity and spending it in researching endless products available in the market might just be a time waste. Here is a list of thoroughly researched products and a buying guide with each detail that might be of interest to you so you can make your decision comfortably.

Because of the versatility of the machine, you might end up buying one better suited for household use. For this confusion alone, we have brought a list of shaved ice machines especially constructed for commercial use. One can find products that are compact and can be used in places that do not require extensive use. Other products come with great efficiency and durable material.

Below is a list of the best Commercial Shaved Ice Machines with all features that they have to offer.

1.      Paragon Arctic Blast SNO Cone Machine

Paragon Arctic Blast SNO Cone Machine is specially constructed for professional use. It is a heavy duty machine ideal for Commercial use. It produces 500 pounds ice/hour and has high efficiency. The machine is very easy to use and operate. It comes with a switch to initiate functioning.

The entire machine is made of aluminum and stainless steel parts. The blades are made of stainless steel blades that are adjustable and replaceable. It delivers quality and works on 792 Watts power. It also has an option of additional small blast cart. Its panels are specially made to prevent the ice from melting.

Although a commercial product, it can be used by anyone as it comes at an affordable price. It is equally efficient for whatever purpose you use it for. The machine is reliable and durable for long usage. It is safe to use at your home also.


·         Easy to use and clean

·         Efficient and can be used at homes also

·         Durable and Reliable


·         Draining problem if not set up properly

2.      Vevor Electric Ice Shaver

Vevor Electric Ice Shaver is a compact machine and only takes up a small place. It can be a great addition to your home, workplace or business with little maintenance required and offering quality result. It produces 120kg of ice/hour.

The machine is made up of stainless steel parts that make it durable and last long even after extensive usage. It is easy to clean and safe to use. It has pre-installed safety measures for such situations. The texture can also be adjusted between thin and thick ice.

It is provided with a drip tray and can be used for multiple purposes. The compact machine also has handles on the sides for ease of movement.


·         Adjustable ice texture

·         Easy and safe to use

·         Comparatively cheaper


·         Might be a little loud

3.      WYZworks Commercial Ice Shaver

WYZworks commercial ice shaver is a heavy duty machine with all parts made up of stainless steel. It is a very compact machine which comes with many additional parts. The machine is very easy to use and comes with a switch. As a safety measure, the switch has a cover that keeps it waterproof.

The machine, though small and compact is equally efficient as the other larger machines. 440 lbs of shaved ice/hour can be produced with the machine. The stainless steel blades are very effective. The entire heavy duty structure is durable and works for years.

The eye catching design is a unique feature this machine boasts of. It gives the machine an overall vintage look and catches the eye. This machine can be used for multiple things from iced drinks to desserts and much more. It is comparatively cheaper.


·         Compact and small

·         Easy and safe to use

·         Heavy duty frame and durable


·         Requires maintenance 

4.      Flexzion Commercial Ice Shaver Machine

Flexzion commercial ice shaver machine is a very compact machine that is easy to use and ideal for home use and small businesses. It produces 143lbs of shaved ice/hour. The machine is highly effective and gives optimal result with the motor.

The blades used for shaving ice are made of stainless steel. As soon as you open the lid, the electricity is cut off for safety. It is very stable because of the steel structure and durable. The compact machine can be kept anywhere as it occupies very little space.

The machine is very easy to use and convenient. Even the cleaning process is easy and machine can be maintained easily. It is a machine which has a good value for money.  


·         Compact and small

·         Stainless steel structure makes it durable

·         Easy to use and convenient


·         The machine is a little loud

5.      Super Deal PRO Commercial Ice Shaving Machine

Super Deal PRO Commercial Ice Shaving Machine is a heavy duty machine and keeps the machine stable while in use. It comes with its own safety measures like it is covered with a lid and cuts off electricity automatically.

It has stainless steel blades which improve the efficiency of shaving ice. The blades can be adjusted to get a different textured ice as required. It has a tray to collect the ice and has space to place a container to collect it. The machine is efficient and compact.

It is a great option to buy as it follows all the safety measures and is durable because of the stainless steel parts. It helps you make all the recipes which requires shaved ice and delivers a finished product.


·         Adjustable blades for different texture

·         Durable structure

·         Efficient and compact


·         The machine produces a lot of noise

6.      Great Northern Premium Quality Commercial Ice Shaver

Great Northern Premium Quality Commercial Ice Shaver is a very compact heavy duty machine. The parts are made with brass and stainless steel. It uses a motor to operate. It can shave up to 350 lbs of ice/hour and is mainly made for commercial purposes.

It is made with all safety measures. The heavy duty feature makes the machine very durable and steady. The company is trusted to deliver quality products. The blades used to shave ice are also adjustable and replaceable. You can adjust the blades according to the texture of the ice.

This commercial snow cone machine has a quirky design which is very striking. The machine can not only be used commercially but at homes too. It occupies little space is very compact.


·         Compact and easy to use

·         Heavy duty and durable

·         Quirky design


·         No protective shield

7.      Generic Stainless Steel Electric Ice Shaver Machine

The snow cone machine is made of stainless steel especially for commercial use. This heavy duty structure is very durable and keeps it stable while in use. Along with the motor, the blades increase the efficiency of the ice shaving machine.

It can shave up to 440 lbs ice/hour. The machine is perfect for usage in commercial places as it ensures a constant supply with the high ice shaving speed. In addition to that, the compartment to store the ice is heat resistant and can preserve it for a long time.

This comes with all safety measures regarding the switch and parts being waterproof. The handle also provides a good grip. It comes with a manual but at the same time is very easy to use.


·         Heavy duty frame for stability

·         High ice shaving speed

·         Safety measures


·         Requires maintanance


8.      VIVOHOME Electric Dual Blades Commercial Ice Crusher

The machine is made of stainless steel parts and is very durable because of the heavy duty structure. The blades are made of stainless steel and the box used to store use is made with acrylic to preserve it for a longer time.

It shaves ice at 440 lbs of ice/hour. This ensures a constant supply of ice. It also has vents to eliminate heat for better cooling capacity. The machine is safe to use and the switch is water proof. For extra measures, it automatically cuts of the power in case the machine over heats.

The brand is very reliable and ice shaver is easy to use. It can be used anywhere from homes to cafes and offices. It has a good price-performance ratio.


·         Heavy duty and durable structure

·         Safe to use and has safety measures

·         Good ice shaving speed


·         Comparatively expensive

9.      Beacon Pet Store Electric Ice Crusher

This ice crusher or snow cone machine can be used commercially but also at home. It is a compact machine but the heavy duty structure gives it stability and makes it durable. The stainless steel blades can work for years without any replacement. The entire machine is waterproof with extensive safety measure for convenient use.

The machine is highly efficient and shaves 143 lbs of ice/hour. It also conserves electricity. The machine on a whole is very easy to use and saves a lot of energy. Apart from this, the machine is also very compact and does not occupy much space.

It takes extra measures to reduce the noise and makes it ideal for use commercially as well as at home.


·         Easy and safe to use

·         Compact and durable

·         Very efficient


·         Shaving speed a little slow

10. Zeny Ice Shaver Machine

This ice shaver machine is multi-purpose and can be used for commercial purposes and for you treats at home as well. From slush to dessert and much more, this machine can find utility in various dishes.

The machine is heavily built for greater durability and stability. Although small, the machine is equally efficient. The parts are made of stainless steel and the machine is waterproof for safety. It shaves 143 lbs of ice/hour. Because of the stainless steel blades, the ice is crushed finely.

The machine is equally to use and asks for low maintenance. It also saves up power and energy.


·         Durable and compact

·         Cost efficient

·         Safety measures taken


·         Comparatively slower

Buying Guide

After going through the list of Shaved Ice Machines or Snow Cone Machines given above, its time you know a little more about the product in hand. There are a few things you need to be aware of before making a final decision on your choice. Each person has different requirements out of a product. So one should not settle for an option that does not fulfill those. Since these machines can be used at home as well as for commercial purposes, one must look greater into details for you might get what you don’t need or vice-versa.

A lot of factors are to be considered before coming to a conclusion on the product. In fact, a buying guide is where you should begin your research with. One has to think about a lot of factors like budget, weight, size, the shaving capacity and durability before jumping to a conclusion. Only after contemplating and giving a final thought to all these questions can you reach a final conclusion. Given below are a few factors which will help you in the path of making the correct choice for you.


1. Purpose

Definitely shaving ice is the purpose for this machine. You might think that all machines do equal work when it comes to shaving ice. It is not true. If you need a shaved ice machine for your home, you would want to avoid a heavy, bulky machine and even a slower shaving ice rate would work for you. On the other hand, if this is to be used at a commercial shop like a café, you will surely need a machine with highest efficiency no matter how bulky or heavy it gets.

2. Shaving speed and capacity

It goes without saying that if you need this machine for commercial use you’ll have to buy one which can constantly supply ice to you. That means a machine that has a high shaving speed and capacity. If the machine does not reach the desired output, you’ll lose a few customers and a lot of business. So one of the top features you must look into is the machine’s shaving capacity and speed.

3. Durability

For using in cafes, restaurants and other commercial places, you need a machine that is durable and reliable. Because of the extensive daily use, it is advisable that you buy a machine you can use for a long time rather than spending extra money on repairs time to time. A machine with a heavy-duty structure will make it durable and last long.

4. Budget

The most important factor of all is the budget. Probably the first thing you should consider before starting your research. With technological advancement came variety and better, newer options. But with additional features also comes a rise in price. According to the budget you can consider machines with or without additional features and designs.

A look into the above few factors will give you an idea of what you will be looking forward to and a definite idea of the machine.


After researching and evaluating many options, the above made list have the best commercial shaved ice machines available in the market. Each product has been given with all details necessary for your decision. After going through the products and the detailed buying guide, we are sure it will now be an easy decision for you.

You must first decide on the purpose and budget for your machine. Only after that can you wisely choose from the options. Once you have the answer to these questions, it is a pretty easy job. These machines require maintenance and since they are electrical, one has to use them with caution. Following the rules from a provided user manual will keep you safe while giving optimum results.

The machines are made to last long and still function efficiently. A good machine will deliver a satisfactory output and the delicacies it is capable of making ought to make anyone happy!