How much does a shaved ice machine cost?

Shaved ice is a famous summer treat, and it is a pretty famous ice desert around the United States and across the globe. It has a wide variety of names in different parts of the world. 

Now I think shaved ice is your favorite ice dessert. Otherwise, you would not come searching for this info or if you are not a big fan of shaved ice, consider tasting it once.

Technically speaking, Whatever the reasons might be, you want to know the price, this is where I would like to give some valuable tips and suggestions.

How much does a shaved ice machine cost?

So, How much does a shaved ice machine cost? There are two types of shaved ice machines available in the market, one is for home, and another is for commercial purposes. And again, there are manual and electric shaved ice machines. However, the base price for these shaved ice machines ranges from 20$ to 2000$

The shaved ice machine cost changes are per the product type and what you intended to do.

How many Types of Shaved Ice Machins are there?

So you get the question of what machine is used to make shaved ice, Generally, as I said above, there are two types of shaved ice machines one is manual, and another is electric. Each machine has its advantages and disadvantages.

To get you everything in detail, I will explain everything about them one by one with specifications, which shaved ice machine brand is perfect to buy, where you should buy it, the opinion of the people, etc.

First, What is a manual shaved ice machine?

manual shaved ice machine

In manual shave ice machines, all you need to do is insert the block of ice or ice cubes inside or into the lid given on the top of the machine and close the lid. Inside the cover it consists of several sharp blades like 2 to 5 depending upon the size of the machine. 

After closing the lid, there will be a handle to rotate the sharp blades manually. All you need to do is turn the handle clockwise or anticlockwise. Depending upon the speed and sharpness of the blade, ice will be shaved and fall into the bottom lid or your cup. 

For Manual shaved ice machines, you need to put extra effort into getting fluffy ice or snowy ice or whatever the name you call it. 

What are the Advantages of a manual shaved ice machine?

If you like watching the shaved ice dropping below the tray with complete control of your hand, all the advantages are in your basket. Why? Let me point out those advantages.

It comes under the budget.

Most manual ice shaver machines are available at a very low price. You may take this as an added advantage to create smacking and delicious shaved ice at home and enjoy it with your family or friends. You may even take this with you for small size parties. 

No need for electricity,

As you know, manual shaved ice machines do not require electricity. So you don’t have to worry about the electricity bill. Some people like to use this product in remote areas where electricity is scarce, and it will be a boon to them.

The main reason for pressing this is because for commercial shaved ice machines, the motor capacity is high, and it can consume several watts of electricity, which causes the high electricity bills

Easy to Clean or Maintain

This part is for those who are lazy and don like to put effort into cleaning. Being the manual, these products are manufactured with lightweight and low-quality components, with that, you don’t have to put effort into cleaning the machine.

As you use the ice as an ingredient for the recipe, it does not contain any stickiness or greasiness. So all you need is a simple cloth or paper napkin to clean the product. 


People who like to buy the ice shaver machines are because of the portability because they want to carry them anywhere around the place and use them as quickly as possible and enjoy the delicious ice desert.

Kids favorite.

You don’t have to worry about electric shocks being a manul product. You can let your kid use it. They also love using it or playing with shaved ice. You can give this as a product as a toy also 😉 

What are the DisAdvantages of a manual shaved ice machine?

As you buy the limited features product, you are aware of all the features it consists of, compared to electric ice shaver machines.

But anyhow, as per my research and experience, I will point out a few drawbacks of the manual ice shaver machine below.

Cheap quality material.

Being under the budget, these products did not m manufactured to sustain for a long time of use. They may break anytime because of using low-quality material like plastic. So, you cannot expect a top-class product for your home. 

But you can get the best manual shaved ice machine for your home by reading this guide. 

You cannot use it continuously,

As it is a manual ice machine, you need to constantly invest your energy and rotate the product handle until or unless your desired ice gets under the lid. 

So what if you want to create a considerable amount of shaved ice, you need to lot of energy, and eventually, your hand or you be tired. So you cannot use it continuously and create the Bulk amount on your own

But if you have two or more hands to join you, this won’t be a hassle for you.

After reading this, if you want to know more about the electric shaved ice machines, read this guide on the best shaved ice machines where I had written a depth guide on electric ice shavers. 

Electric Ice Shaver Machine

Electric Ice Shaver Machine

This machine works with electricity, the working principle is the same as the manual, but here you need to put any effort into creating the shaved ice. 

You needed to put an ice block or ice cubes into the designated lid on top of the machine, close the lid, and start the machine. The blades inside it will do the remaining work.

Please take out the fluffy or snow ice in a cup or cone, and pour the flavor on top of it with shaved ice syrup, which is available online. 

Types of Electric Ice Shaver Machine

The electric shave ice machines are of two types: one for the home and another for commercial or professional use. 

The average ice Shaver Machine for home price varies between 100 to 300 dollars. Several famous brands like Hawaiia (Hawaiian), Snowie, Great Northern, Vivo Home, Zeny, Vevor, etc. 

From my knowledge and research, I can say Hawaiian and Snowie are good brands available in the market, and they have good reputations and reviews. 

So what about a commercial shaved ice machine?

These machines are specifically designed and manufactured for business purposes. They can produce a large amount of shaved ice/fluffy/snow ice at a time and as quickly as possible. 

So, What is the average price of a commercial ice machine? If you plan to buy Commercial shaved ice machines, you should know that these are heavy equipment and pricy. Their price range varies between 500 to 2000 dollars or even more. 

In the commercial ice shavers, I observed that they make fluffy or snow ice so damn perfectly.

I had researched commercial shaved ice machines, and I had written a depth blog article covering the best commercial shaved ice machines, their specifications, and a buying guide, tap on those above links. 

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